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Alycia and Jimmy

July 12, 2015  •  7 Comments

Alycia & Jimmy


I had the fortune of meeting Alycia early this year in Phoenix while she was visiting her friend (my roommate) Scott. I half-jokingly mentioned that she should have me photograph her wedding. As fate would have it, things worked out and here you go. A sneak peek into Alycia and Jimmy's love story....

The day started off early with the Bridal party getting ready at Alycia's aunt's house, while the guys got ready at the hotel. The guys definitely missed out on the wonderful food and early morning mimosas! 

Something you should know about Alycia and Jimmy is that they are both very genuine and kind people. Their group of friends and wedding parties are no exception. Throughout this entire wedding I met some of the best people in the world, all close friends and family to the bride and groom.  As the morning progressed, things started to take shape and excitement started to build! It came time to get the dress on and head over to Alycia's house for the backyard ceremony!  

Everyone arrived as the wedding coordinator and family were putting the final touches on the ceremony and reception area in the backyard.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had different plans for the ceremony. Right as it was supposed to start it began to rain. Remember those awesome friends and family I was telling you about? The picture below is Alycia and her sister watching out the window as everyone worked to take the chairs and decorations into the reception tent so that the ceremony could move forward! It was so awesome to see everyone working together to see this beautiful bride have the most perfect day possible!  Finally, everyone is ready to start the ceremony! The bridal party and the groomsmen take their places.   This is Jimmy (the groom). Something you should know and will see is that Jimmy loves Alycia... really Loves Alycia...and has for a long time.   Since the 6th grade he has loved her, and she has loved him.  You can see by the way they look at each other. And in the end, the way he looks at her is the reason they will be together for a long, long time. 

Thanks again Alycia and Jimmy for allowing me, a photographer you hardly knew, to be a part of one of the most important days of your life. In the short time I had to spend with you and your families, I learned a lot about what true love is. I know you two will have many years of happiness to look forward to.

I wish you only the best,






Linda Banelis(non-registered)
Amazing photos!! You captured the day just as it was beautiful!!
Diane Gay(non-registered)
Beautiful photos and fantastic editing.
Katy MacLeod(non-registered)
This is absolutely beautiful and so very unique...much like the bride and groom. Thank you for sharing this and congratulations to all of you.
Jennifer Insogna(non-registered)
Absolutely Gorgeous! Fairy tale LOVE story. Such an inviting event. Personal, and tastefully done! If I had to do it again this is how I would imagine it. Jealous that I didn't have a photographer like this. Outstanding! I can't say enough good things. Well done!
I Love pictures that actually tell the story without words...(although the words are perfect)! Beutiful wedding!
Mary Mazzapica(non-registered)
Great job. Pictures are beautiful, wedding was beautiful. We are very happy to have Alycia as our daughter in law, she has always been a sister to Scott and Faith. Love you both.
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